The Author

My name is Charles Loder, and I'm a web developer by trade and a Hebraist by training. I received an MA in Jewish Studies from Rutgers University and currently work as a frontend developer. JavaScript and Hebrew are my favorite languages to learn.

The Site

This site is a user interface for the hebrew transliteration node package. It can be fully customized to meet your transliteration needs.


Though the advent of Unicode has allowed many scripts to live in the digital world, transliteration is still useful. To learn more about transliteration, checkout this blog post here.

Other uses

Besides the main page, the JavaScript package can be embedded in web pages to provide an interactive experience. When you click on the Hebrew text — שָׁלֹום— it is transliterated. This opens up opportunities for eBooks and web pages to include transliteration without manually having to create them.

The Structure Page

The Structure page is designed to help break up verses into readable chunks based on the taamim (i.e. cantillation or accents).

It was designed by Doug Smith and developed with his input.

The current version only supports a limited number of taamim for prose texts.